About Us

FleetandAuto.com, an e-commerce platform brought to market by Jasper Innovative Solutions (JIS), a leading distributor of automotive and fleet replacement parts. Headquartered in Leavenworth, Indiana, FleetandAuto.com is rapidly expanding, and today provides replacement parts for some of the largest fleets in the United States.

FleetandAuto.com is a representation of JIS’s commitment to continuous diversification, expansion of our market base and product offerings with a non-wavering focus to provide superior parts and service to customers at an affordable price. We have been a recipient of the Supplier of the Year Award from the United States Postal Service (USPS) and are ISO 9002 compliant (the model for quality assurance in production, installation and servicing), both exemplifies our commitment to excellence. Our Employee Stock Ownership Plan makes us 100% Associate Owned and the employer of choice for our communities.

FleetandAuto.com’s ever expanding catalog ensures our customer partners receive the parts they need, when they need them. What makes FleetandAuto.com different is our team of associate owners. FleetandAuto.com has a team of professionally trained and experienced customer service representatives to assist in finding the right parts for each application. We specialize in developing solutions for fleet vehicles and discontinued parts. FleetandAuto.com carries the highest quality OEM and aftermarket parts in the business for your fleet vehicles. We have over 600 suppliers and manufacturers from around the world that FleetandAuto.com partners with to bring our customer partners the parts they need to maintain their fleets.